Asher Kendrell was a member of the Camerata. By the time Red found him, he committed suicide along with Grant Kendrell, granting the Void() ability.

Function Files Edit

Background Edit

Most children learn to stop asking "why", but Mr. Asher Kendrell never outgrew it. His hunger for knowledge and his eagerness to spread it made him a prolific writer, who enjoyed a career as a culture-and-current-events editor for OVC. When Mr. Kendrell wasn't busy reporting, he occupied himself studying the history of his city. But the deeper he delved, the more frustrated he became with all the dead ends and contradictions. The facts simply did not add up, so he started piecing together the unwritten history of Cloudbank. He conducted interviews with venerable members of society, those who willingly worked past retirement age or could speak first-hand about the past. The most remarkable among them was an administrator.

Secrets Edit

Mr. Kendrell was struck by the administrator's wisdom and depth of experience, and the two shared a passion of seeking the truth of things, and for much more, as it turned out. One day the administrator took Mr. Kendrell aside to a place unlike any he'd seen before, and revealed to him something he never could have imagined. With it, the administrator said, together they could learn so much -- about the past, and about the future -- as long as Mr. Kendrell was willing to keep it a secret. Mr. Kendrell accepted without a second thought. The administrator was much more to him than just a source at this point.

Goals Edit

Mr. Kendrell continued writing for OVC, now with an ulterior motive, having joined the adminstrator's inner circle. The administrator needed someone like Asher to help keep a low profile, someone who could speak directly to the hearts and minds of the population, and truly understand their needs. That way, they could conduct their work in service of the people. Cloudbank would enter a new era.