Cluckers are a form of the Process. They are spawned upon the rebirth of some Cells. They attack by shooting small black pellets that slow their targets.

Designation: CluckerEdit

< !-- this one is rather inconspicuous, even nonchalant, so very timid in its disposition, though, its appendages, that is to say its legs, they will need a closer look, why are they not rigid? fleshy almost, appearing natural in shape and texture, which strikes me as very very odd. the process, it is big on self-improvement, that i know... but i do not know if copying the way we mill about, the way we wander, i don't know if that qualifies? in any case this is a newer model, has to be, able to traverse denser environments undetected and quite literally lead the way for its associates. it is a bit like an explorer! royce --! >


Cluckers are white robots that have two small legs, and are about the size of a chicken. They have red circles where their legs attach to their bodies.


Cluckers run quickly on their small legs, and use this to flee if Red approaches them. They have a mortar, and fire ranged projectiles as their main method of attack. When upgraded, they leave a trail that slows Red down and keeps her from chasing them.


  • Version 2.0: Anti-Chasing Trail
  • Version 3.0: Turn() Disruptor