In Circles
Transistor Original Soundtrack - In Circles03:56

Transistor Original Soundtrack - In Circles

"In Circles" is a song in Transistor. It is written and produced by Darren Korb, and sung by Ashley Barrett. It is played during the boss fight with a processed Sybil Reisz. It is the tenth track of the Transistor Original Soundtrack.


I hear you buzzing, a fly on the wall
In through the window and up through the hall
Flying in circles just trying to land
I see you hurting I do what I can

But I won't save you
I won't save you

Maybe you're looking for someone to blame
Fighting for air while you circle the drain
Never be sorry for your little time
It's not when you get there, it's always the climb

But I won't save you
I won't save you

I won't save you
I won't save you

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