The Man is a particularly tough breed of Process that appears near the end of the game. Men look like people, dressed in white suits, with strange headpieces, called Haircuts. They can spawn Haircuts indefinitely and use them to probe the area to find Red.

Fighting the Man can be more of a puzzle than a brawl, most times. Firstly, they're extremely strong, and take a lot of damage. Second, their Haircuts can explode, damaging Red for more than half of her health bar in a single shot. Third, they have a very powerful ability called Sharing. When multiple Men appear in the same fight, you can see something called "Shared Status" on the Turn screen. This can be any one of the following abilities:

  • Shared Status: Stealthy (This Man is Masked.)
  • Shared Status: Speedy (This Man Jaunts very quickly).
  • Shared Status: Shooty (This Man shoots beams at long range.)
  • Shared Status: Sturdy (This Man quickly regenerates health.)

What this means is, while that Man is still alive, every other Man in the fight can use that same ability.

Getting rid of the Men often means you need to dispose of them in a specific order. Stealthy Men should be targeted first, to make all the other Men visible and vulnerable. Sturdy Men and Shooty Men should come next. Shooty and Stealthy Men tend to not move around very much, making the fight a bit easier. Unmasking and using a Backstab is a great way to dispose of them neatly, especially if you're using one of the stronger melee attacks like Cull.

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