Recursion (shown in-game as "Start recursion" after the credits) is a "New Game Plus", meaning that the game starts over, but the player keeps all Functions, levels and assorted achievements. Additionally, the content within the game appears to be altered, most notably with the opening line from the Transistor ("Hey Red... We're not getting away with this, are we?"), spoken by Royce Bracket, instead of the usual Transistor narrator.

Differences towards "Normal" ModeEdit

  • The Process remains on the same upgrades (e.g. Jerk 3.0) as they were fought the last time.
  • All Process can and will spawn from the start off (e.g. Man will spawn outside of Fairview).
  • All Functions and Limiters are unlocked at start that have been previously unlocked.
  • All settings (Functions and Limiters) are active on start. That means, the player starts off with the last set of Functions and Limiters used in the final fight.


  • When Royce Bracket speaks the opening line, the screen jumps towards the Transistor and the colouring of the image overall is a little darker.
  • In the Process encounter which normally starts the Turn() tutorial, the tutorial glitches, spamming the "Recommended Move" Arrow across the screen, before a short "restart" of the Turn() flashes, allowing the player to use the Turn() however they see fit.
  • The work of the Process (turning Cloudbank into the White Canvas) is shown much stronger. For instance, the room where the first Jerk is fought is already heavily distorted, almost two-thirds of the room already painted white.
  • The Agency() achievement/trophy requires you to complete each of the three Agency tests, which is only available in Recursion mode. [1]


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