Red is the protagonist of Transistor. She was a popular singer in the city of Cloudbank, but was then attacked by the Camerata in hopes of killing her. She was mysteriously teleported across the city in the middle of the assassination attempt, her life now saved. There she finds a powerful weapon, the Transistor, which she uses to fight the Process. The Process "took away [her] voice", likely meaning that she is now mute.

Red's voice (singing, humming and otherwise) is provided by Ashley Barrett, who was also the voice of Zia in Supergiant's previous game, Bastion.


Red is a young female singer, with deep red hair (likely the origin of her name) and bright blue eyes. At the time of her attack she was wearing a gold dress with a large feathered collar, and gold high-heels. After she acquires her weapon and begins to fight, she makes her outfit more suitable for movement and combat, removing her outer dress, breaking the heels off of her high heeled shoes and donning a dark black overcoat with a yellow triangle symbol on the back, acquired from her lover, or the voice of the Transistor.

Her outfit contains multiple equilateral triangles, specifically on the chest area of the dress and on her ring. Equilateral triangles are prominent throughout the design of the rest of the world, also.

Function FilesEdit


Ranked in the top percentile of Cloudbank's contemporary performing artists for five years, Red demonstrated early interest in music despite studying at Traverson Hall. Traverson groomed many of the city's most ambitious civic planners, though Red spent the majority of her time developing the academy's nascent arts program, and was the first on record to select two nontraditional disciplines. Records indicate she was reluctant to explain, citing personal reasons. She remained reticent even after gaining the spotlight, and when asked about her past and influences, would often say her work spoke for itself. She did admit, however, that she never wrote her music with intent to stir controversy.


To appreciate the impact of Red's music, consider first the current state of Cloudbank's social climate and how it evolved over the past two decades. When an altercation finally erupted in the crowd during one of her performances, it was the first such incident in four years. It escalated to the point where administrators were summoned to the scene. As one of the suspects was banned from the premises, he accused Red of being an instigator and provocateur. Red later stated it was in this moment that she fully understood the potent effect her music had on people. She decided to take certain precautions from that point, receding from the spotlight to compose new material in relative privacy. Rumors swirled. Then, once she finally re-emerged, trouble followed.


The Camerata found her one night once the crowds dispersed after one of her performances. They had reason to believe that she would be alone, rehearsing said new material. But she was not alone, and the presence of another individual disrupted aspects of the Camerata's plan for the night. Red survived the incident, becoming separated from the Camerata due to these unforeseen events on their part. Although her trace data remains intact, partial transfer did occur, including transfer of ownership status of something the Camerata believed theirs.


  • Various songs on the soundtrack are attributed directly to Red as her own works, in-universe, which are We All Become, In Circles, Paper Boats and The Spine.
  • It's ultimately unclear why or how the Process, or the Camerata, took Red's voice. The game never directly addresses how Red and the Transistor were teleported out of the Empty Set, nor does it explain Red's muteness. Royce explains that one side-effect of killing someone with the Transistor is that the device itself will "take you away - wherever you are, it'll take you away." However, the question of why it affects Red, but not Grant (who was using the device) is never explored.
  • The effect of Grant using the Transistor to kill the man transferred ownership to Red, which in turn caused her voice to be taken in mistake instead of something of Grant's.


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