Switch() is a combat ability possessed by Red and the Transistor.


Switch with Crash: Switch will render targets invulnerable on top of the base effect.

Switch with Breach: Switch gains great maximum range and penetrates through targets.

Switch with Spark: Switch fans out into multiple projectiles.

Switch with Jaunt: You can use Switch during Turn recovery.

Switch with Mask: Switch temporarily banishes targets in addition to the base effect.

Switch with Load: Switch affects multiple targets in a radius at the point of the impact.

Switch with Help: Switch spawns a BadCell loyal to you at the target’s location.

Switch with Bounce: Switch chains to multiple nearby targets.

Switch with Ping: Switch fires rapid kinetic charges in a straight line.

Switch with Get: Switch pulls the target to you in addition to the base effect.

Switch with Purge: Switch applies damage over time in addition to the base effect.

Switch with Flood: Switch surrounds the target with a damage field that harms nearby targets in addition to the base effects.

Switch with Void: Switch causes affected targets to deal more damage.

Switch with Tap: Switch gives targets a healing aura that restores them.

Switch with Cull: Switch affects targets for twice the duration.

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