Sybil Reisz was a member of the Camerata. She was 98% processed by the time Red had to fight her.

Function Files Edit

Background Edit

Known in elite social circles throughout Cloudbank, Ms. Sybil Reisz organized many of the city's popular public events, from ground-breaking ceremonies to comtemporary festivals. She was everywhere, and yet somehow she made time to lead a second, hidden life. As one of the Camerata, Ms. Reisz was responsible for gathering information about potential high-value targets, people who could contribute for their cause. She did this job to perfection, drawing no notice, though one target in particular caused her much frustration.

Meeting Red Edit

Ms. Reisz met Red while putting together a small program for up-and-coming artists, and became infatuated first with Red's music then with her. According to diary entries there was something inscrutable and confident about Red that Ms. Reisz could not explain. However, Ms. Reisz was frustrated to find that Red grew increasingly distant. Through all this, Ms. Reisz observed the aloofness of one of Red's companions, and decided he must have been insinuating Red against her. Ms. Reisz considered various ways to rectify this.

Recommendations Edit

One night Ms. Reisz nominated Red as a target for her Camerata colleagues, citing Red's surging popularity in the city and her unusual set of selections. Red could substantially advance the Camerata's agenda, and was not yet so ubiquitous that her sudden disappearance couldn't be sufficiently disguised. Ms. Reisz promised that the Camerata could get to Red at a time when she would be completely alone. Trace data reveals an 85% chance she falsified this claim.

Confrontation Edit

The encounter with Sybil at the Empty Set is the game's first boss fight.

Sybil, as a Process, behaves similarly to the Youngladies. She is able to fire multiple laser beams and has a particularly strong charge attack with her parasol-turned-spear. However, if Red is able to use Jaunt and Breach, none of these attacks are particularly threatening, especially since Sybil cannot teleport at the same rate as Youngladies can. As the fight progresses, Sybil will draw Weeds, Creeps, and new cover terrain into the arena. Fighting her is a matter of cleaning up the arena while avoiding her charge attacks, then focusing on Sybil herself.

The fight has three phases, providing Sybil with 1,000 hit points each. In Recursion mode, this is increased to 1,600 hit points each.

Trivia Edit

  • The soundtrack that plays while fighting Sybil is called In Circles. During the first phase of the fight, the song features Red's vocals and humming. In the second phase, the vocals become mixed with an autotuned, synthesized version of the same vocal track titled _n C_rcl_s. By the third phase, the completely synthetic vocals dominate. This song's changing tone and its defeatist lyrics parallel Sybil's decline into the Processed monster that Red must now defeat.