The YoungLady is a form of the Process.

Designation: YoungLadyEdit

< !-- most embarrassing, though i must admit i can't explain this one's rather conspicuous appearance, specifically its resemblance to the body of a woman. now, mathematically there is a chance this is coincidental, there is always a chance. but i find that hard to believe, and rather, i suspect the process is taking a bit of a liking to us, started taking on some of our quirks, like how one might subconciously assume the mannerisms of a friend? at any rate this one is very unusual, very much so, and rather temperamental too, so i've yet to gain a sense for all her intricacies. royce --! >


YoungLadies consist of a floating white feminine metal body, and several floating orbs that turn red when firing.


YoungLadies primarily attack with rapid-fire lasers. When struck, a YoungLady will teleport a short distance away and spawn a weak duplicate of itself. These duplicates fall when hit once, but their lasers do as much damage as the original YoungLady's. When a YoungLady is killed, she spawns a large cluster of Cells which go flying out in all directions, eventually all becoming Badcells.


  • Version 2.0: Double Firepower
  • Version 3.0: Spawns Badcells


  • All of the Cells spawned by YoungLadies become Badcells on rebirth.